Large Selection
Will brew eight different hot beverages*
Completely Automatic
Automatically vends cup, sugar and stirrer. Includes “no cup” option for green environment.
High Capacity
Holds 195 cups, 4.4 lbs of coffee beans and three bins of soluble powders.
Progammable Digital Control
Consistent quality for every cup.
Temperature Interlock
Consistent temperature cup after cup.
Versatile Payment System Options
Add coin and/or bill acceptor along with smartphone capable credit card system.
Flexible Design

Fits on most break room counters:

30"H X 21"D X 16"W
Weight - 141 lbs
Unit may be placed on optional base cabinet

* Specialty Beverages - Black Coffee, Coffee w/ Milk, Café Latte, Expresso, Cappuccino, Mochaccino, French Vanilla Capuccino, Hot Cocoa

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