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Overall, the revenue for the office coffee service segment continued to climb this year reaching $4.5 billion… a record high for the last decade… The improving economy has resulted in locations increasing employee counts and refocusing on coffee as an employee benefit in the workplace. Single-cup is gaining market share and increasing sales as more users focus on individual taste preferences and the ability to create coffee-based drinks. -Automatic Merchandiser | | September 2014

Three Allocation Options – You Decide
Free Coffee
You provide complementary coffee as a free service to all of your employees. With most of our machines you could even decide on the number of free cups of coffee employee by employee or department by department. If you prefer, you can allow visitors/customers to enjoy free coffee as well.
Subsidized Coffee
You can also choose to subsidize coffee rather than provide it for free by having your company and employees each pay a portion of the cost.
Purchased by Employees
Your employees pay the full cost of their coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cider, etc. You keep them in the office with a greater variety of coffee but without the cost to your company.
Solving the office coffee Dilemma
Employees are tired of the bland coffee pot so they go elsewhere. An in-office coffee break takes an average of 4.6 minutes. A trip outside the office for coffee averages 14.9 minutes.
The old standard office coffee pot no longer works in today's environment. Employees are looking for greater coffee options. CoffeeSmart offers a variety of solutions based on your company size and needs.
Numerous surveys reveal that employees feel free coffee at work “makes them feel like their employer cares about them and wants to give back to them making them feel appreciated and valued”. It also “reinforces a sense of stability – that they are working for a successful firm”.

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