Vending office coffee is BIG business.
Now, make it your business!

Employees love it
Management loves it
You'll love the margins

Overall, the revenue for the office coffee service segment continued to climb this year reaching $4.5 billion… a record high for the last decade… The improving economy has resulted in locations increasing employee counts and refocusing on coffee as an employee benefit in the workplace. Single-cup is gaining market share and increasing sales as more users focus on individual taste preferences and the ability to create coffee-based drinks. -Automatic Merchandiser | | September 2014

Viable Revenue
The old office coffee pot no longer works. Today's employees are looking for premium coffee options.
Enjoy this prolific niche by commanding premium price vends for the convenience of offering a variety of premium coffee.
Add to your existing locations or utilize to open up new opportunities!
Your Bottom Line
The average coffee drinker consumes 3.35 cups/day*
You pay 20₵ – 50₵/serving for most name-brand coffees and teas
You charge 75₵ – $1.50/serving (some operators charge more)
Do the math!!

*National Coffee Association, 2014 National Coffee Drinking Trends Study