Control Office Expenses and Provide Quality Coffee Selections


Quick Servicing:
A light-weight, interchangeable cartridge can be exchanged in less than one minute.

* Additional cartridge sold separately
High Capacity
Holds 250 single servings.
Large Selection
Offers a variety of 25 coffees, tea, hot cider or cocoa.
Included Software
Generates excel spreadsheets for recording of all transactions.
State-of-the-Art Striking Design
Compliments any location.
Industrial Grade Engineering
Long lasting reliability with one year limited warranty.
Solves the Coffee Dilemma
Provides Solution for companies to control office coffee costs, while winning happy, & more productive employees.
Compact Design

Complete system conveniently fits on most break room counters:

17.5" X 23"D X 17.9"W
Dispensing Unit - 45 lbs
Master Control Station - 33 lbs
Manage Single-cup Servings with VIP Employee Cards or Personal PIN Codes

Your employees want quality coffee and you need to control costs. Now you can have the best of both worlds with programmable, VIP Employee Cards and/or Personal PIN Codes. Either one gives you control to allocate who receives complimentary coffee and how many cups per day they received. Finally, now you can gain control of your office coffee costs.

  • Give VIP Cards to specific employees only
  • Allocate the allowable number of cups for each employee
  • Provide PIN Codes allowing the same number of cups for everyone
  • It's your call...

Each VIP Card holder simply inserts their card into the machine. Each PIN Code holder simply enters in their PIN Code. Then, select, sip and savor. It's really that simple.

Optional, State-of-the-Art Credit Card / Smartphone Payment System

Charge your employees for all of their coffee or split the costs. It’s your choice. Either way, continue to provide great coffee throughout the day.

Accept and process credit/debit cards with our optional state-of-the-art payment system. This amazing option is built with the latest Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, allowing payments with a tap of a smartphone. Our system can also process payments from all other NFC type of devices, such as Visa PayWave and MasterCard PayPass. The funds are deposited directly into your company's bank account.

Now that's smart.

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